My name is Gaven Alexander, first of all a big thank you for spending the time to read this Bio and viewing my website.
I have painted for as long as i can remember, i am a self taught Artist and studied by reading books of the great masters but not just
about their styles. Also about the life long dedication that's needed for your work to grow.
I have painted in different styles over the years, some styles more traditional and some more contemporary, all part of the learning process.
But i have found the Sea calling me with it's power and drama also at times the serenity with the beautiful light that can change in seconds.
I can be spotted sketching or taking photographs for reference reasons along the South East Coast, and have just recently been to Cornwall
to paint as well.
I have shown in some top Galleries in Kent, and have work privately owned all around the world from Dubai to Canada. At the moment i'm spending time building a new collection of work based around the Sea. I've found what i was destined to paint and get so much enjoyment from trying to
capture a moment in time watching a wave crash and portraying that split second of drama.

Thank you, hope i haven't gone on too long!!

Gaven Alexander